Halvsie Rules

1. Be kind and show public courtesy. Let's start by being welcoming to a safe place just for hāfu like us. Introduce yourself liberally. Everyone will be kind. Argue if you like but don't go too far. If you don't know, ask. If you see something, say something.

2. We are 100% woman-friendly. We don't tolerate disrespect. Disrespect is in the eyes of the receiver. We listen, we vote on tricky decisions, but the website itself reserves the right to kick you off the island right then and there. If the site tries to contact you through chat, DM or email, you must respond.

3. No hate speech, bullying or intentional triggering on race, religion, culture or creed. Always remain open minded and be vigilant in protecting freedom of expression.

4. There are pages for self-promotion. You can buy ads here. But no spamming in Groups or Forums. No fictional accounts. Real names, real email. This site for individuals-only. Companies and products do not have personhood.

5. This site is private. In order to be authentic, expressive and truthful, we have to be sensitive and respect everyone's privacy at all times. What happens on halvsie, stays on halvsie.